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Kitselas Historic Site

Kitselas Canyon lies approximately 20km East of the town on Highway 16. The tour is designed to showcase the history & culture of the Gitselau nation and it is well worth a visit! Book ahead to ensure a guide is available to describe the history behind the many artefacts and displays. Admission is by donation.

The longhouses

On arrival you will find 4 contemporary longhouses, each uniquely painted and with a totem at the entrance. We were lucky enough to watch world renown carver Dempsey Bob working on his wolf pole in 2010 – now in place it joins the others looking out towards the Skeena River. One of the longhouses is used as a traditional carving shed, two others contain a wide variety of displays and your guide will open the cabinets and allow you to handle items such as masks and cedar baskets. Ask about the petroglyphs!

The final longhouse currently contains a traditional canoe hand-carved by esteemed local craftsman Clifford Bolton. Also within this longhouse is a display of taxidermy specimens donated by a collector. This is a great opportunity to see the power & majesty of a rampant grizzly, moose or mountain lion without the risk!

A fifth longhouse is being constructed as part of the exciting future development plan!

The interpretive Trail

The walk to the viewing platform takes about 20 minutes through the forest, the stops on the way provide an insight into medicinal and culinary uses for the plant life, plus there is an ancient canoe and a group of 4 totems. The view across the Skeena can be quite spectacular – and you can see where the paddleboat ‘Hazleton’ sank. Look out for eagles overhead and the occasional black bear on the opposite bank!

For more infomation contact Webb Bennett, Tour Co-ordinator on 250-635-8882 or

Photo credits: Maryann Beagle (Canada) Vivien Johnson (Spain) & Caroline Revell (Abu Dhabi)